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Stress is showing up in our lives and bodies in a few ways. We are finding that we have to do two things at once that seem contradictory:

  1. Be still
  2. Keep moving

Being still is a matter of honoring what’s going on. My back, for instance, can get tight when things get difficult. Katie sometimes feels like she’s falling to pieces. Each of these manifestations of stress is real, valid, vivid and understandable. We ignore them to our peril. We must attend to the needs as best we understand them. We want to give space to what’s going as suppression itself takes time and energy.

And wishing there was no stress or acting as if it isn’t real just compounds things.

Physical, mental and emotional stress are real, very often necessary — and situational. If we stay in the same situation, quite reasonably the stress remains according to the situation’s nature. Continuing our journey changes the situation and the stress changes along with it. Sometimes it increases and we have to attend to more needs. Even so, the change in the situation gives one part of the system a rest while other parts go under load, just like walking. Stop moving and the stress pools. No amount of R&R will relieve stagnation.

Like the beating of a heart, being human is a business full of stresses and relaxations. Let’s generously live and generously attend to the needs that arise as we do.

Be still. Keep moving.

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