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    Tetra鈥檚 target customers include large enterprises of nuclear power, thermal power, wind power, photovoltaics and petroleum petrochemicals. Products include T1 pipeline robots, T3 orbit robots, TPF inspection drones, and T6 photovoltaic robots. Tetra鈥檚 energy pipeline operation and maintenance system is widely used by many industries including nuclear power industry, thermal power industry, petrochemical industry and so on; The front-end robot of the system implies technologies that independently developed technologies include: micro-sized robot arm, magnetic adsorption algorithm, three-dimensional defect equipment scanning, real-time modeling, and corrosion status assessment. All these software technologies are advanced both nationally and internationally.
    At present, the company has obtained 10 patents and 13 software copyrights, presided over the preparation of 2 national standards, and participated in the preparation of 3 national standards. Tetra also published several academic papers in major domestic journals; obtained a number of qualifications including National high-tech technology companies, ISO9001 quality management system certification, CMMI3 certification, Jiangsu science and technology small and medium enterprises, Jiangsu private technology companies, and Jiangsu software companies.Utilities Robot