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    Equipment Features:
    1. High efficiency, suitable for glass deep processing enterprise to use.
    2. Whole machine adopt man-machine interface, easy to operate.
    3. The glass edge and corner is full without air bubbles, smooth surface, no need to pare the corner under the condition that the glass are cut levelly ad without dislocation after combined.
    4. Using two sets of independent sealant supply system(including the mixing device), two kinds of sealants switch in one-key operation easily.
    5. The third section can pres tore glass to improve the efficiency. Support three layer glass sealant.
    6. Servo control system adopts world famous brand, the performance is stable.
    7. Sychronous belt transmission to make the glass being transferred smoothly with accurate positioning.
    8. The key component using special materials with high standardization and high precision, ensure the machine can be used with long term stability.
    Technical Parameter
    Product modelJYT-2000
    Power supply380V/50HZ
    Air supply0.5-0.7Mpa
    Max. glass size2000*2500mm
    Min. glass size300*450mm
    Conveyor speed5-40m/min
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