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    Custom design paper cup
    The PLA paper coffee cups are 100% compostable and with PLA lamination,perfectly used for cold and hot beverages between -40掳C and 100掳C. The PLA eco-friendly disposable paper cups are used as espresso cups or tasting cups in varity occasions . Furthermore, all of our cups are available to be printed with your own designs, logos or slogans, in order to your promotion. Single-wall paper cups are made from single-layer cardboard. These cups are perfect for both cold and hot drinks. Sometimes, when the drink is too hot, you might also need to use a cardboard sleeve to protect your hands. You can choose the design of your cups from our catalogue, or use your own.
    Cup Size4 oz/115ml7 oz/200ml8 oz/230ml12 oz/350ml16 oz/470ml
    Height60 mm80 mm93 mm110 mm137 mm
    Upper Diameter62,5 mm73 mm80 mm90 mm90 mm
    Lower Diameter45 mm50 mm51 mm59 mm59 mm
    Rim thickness3 mm2 mm3 mm3 mm3 mm
    Paper PE (gsm)260+18PE232+18PE260+18PE260+18PE260+18PE
    Paper Bio (gsm)260+25PLA232+25PLA260+25PLA260+25PLA260+25PLAPla Kraft Cup manufacturers