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    Our History
    In 2009, Tyrone Electric Power was born
    In February 2009, the first preassembled substation was successfully trial-produced, and Tyrone successfully realized the perfect combination of switch cabinet and transformer.
    In November 2011, it was awarded the “Top Ten Science and Technology Enterprises with Most Innovative Ability in Henan Province” jointly issued by Henan Development and Reform Commission, Henan Science and Technology Department, Henan Academy of Sciences, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Henan Association of Science and Technology.
    In 2012, Tyrone established a production line with an annual output of 3,000 transformers.
    In 2013, Xintailong trademark won the well-known trademark of Xinxiang city.
    In September 2014, he won the honor of being a small and medium-sized science and technology enterprise in Henan Province.
    In 2015, Xintailong trademark won the well-known trademark of Henan Province.
    In 2015, he won the Director Quality Award of Xinxiang High-tech Zone.
    In July 2016, he was awarded the honor of abiding by contracts and valuing credit in Henan Province.
    In November 2016, it won the honor of caring for the next generation of caring enterprises.
    On may 3, 2017, it was successfully listed in the national share transfer system for small and medium-sized enterprises, with the stock code of 871421 and the stock abbreviation of tyrone electric power.
    In August 2017, it won the honor of a national high-tech enterprise.
    In September 2017, he was awarded the title of “Specializing in Special New” high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises-high-growth enterprises in Henan Province in 2017
    In August 2017, the power distribution monitoring intelligent cloud safety early warning system was registered as a scientific and technological achievement in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
    In December 2017, the power distribution monitoring intelligent cloud safety early warning system was recognized as the first major technical equipment product in Henan Province
    In January 2018, a new service mode of “online monitoring and early warning+offline intelligent operation and maintenance” was proposed, gradually transforming to manufacturing+service industry
    In April 2018, the first chain store opened and 500 chain outlets were set up nationwide.
    Our Factory
    Henan Tailong Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Tailong Electric Power, stock code: 871421) was established on January 7, 2009, located in Xinxiang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Henan Province, China, with an enterprise area of 28,400 square meters (40.9 mu) and a total construction area of 18,500 square meters. It is to build three modern production workshops and spacious and bright office buildings. At present, the company has developed into a modern scientific and technological power integrated service provider integrating power engineering design, power system integrated automation control device research and development, power equipment research and development, manufacturing, power engineering construction installation and operation and maintenance management.
    Main Products and Services: Distribution Monitoring intelligent cloud Safety Early Warning System, Power Transformer, Combined Transformer, Pre-installed Substation, Intelligent High and Low Voltage Distribution Switching Equipment, Cable Tap Box, DC Power Supply Complete Set, Intelligent Signal Power Supply Screen, Power System Integrated Automation Control Device, Clean Energy Heating and Cooling, Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation, etc. Survey and design of power generation, power transmission and transformation, power supply and distribution, new energy power generation projects, construction and installation of power projects, and operation and maintenance services. Adopt one-stop service, choose Tyrone and have light.
    We have always been guided by technological innovation. The technical and managerial personnel above junior college level account for more than 53% of the company’s total staff. We have cooperated with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Electricity and other universities and research institutes, and are the practice experimental bases of many universities in Henan University of Science and Technology, xinxiang university and Henan Institute of Technology. The company has more than 20 items of patented technology, 10 items of provincial achievements appraisal, 20 items of testing reports, 5 items of energy-saving product certification certificates and many other product qualifications.
    Our Product
    1. Amorphous alloy transformer, three-dimensional wound core transformer, high overload capacity distribution transformer, dry-type transformer, combined transformer;
    2. Multifunctional intelligent preassembled transformer substation and new energy preassembled transformer substation;
    3. Intelligent high and low voltage power distribution switch equipment, cable tap box, DC power supply complete set, intelligent signal power supply screen and power system integrated automatic control device
    Our Certificate
    We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001,OHSAS 18001, ISO14000:14001 SGS guidelines and our stringent quality control system.
    Production Equipment
    Our service
    a. Pre-sales Service
    1. Assist the buyer in pre-sales technical communication, fully consider the user’s loopholes in system performance, functional structure, and analysis and improvement.
    2, to provide professional technical advisory services
    3. Provide inspection reception and various convenient conditions at any time.
    4, select professional and technical personnel, business personnel to carry out technical exchanges, technical communication, before and after the whole bidding process, timely provide product performance, characteristics, design drawings, as well as various parameters, actively cooperate with the buyer to choose a satisfactory product manufacturer.
    b. Services in Sale
    1. After the contract is signed, the buyer’s technical specification will be taken as the blueprint to prepare the corresponding technical agreement, which will be supplemented, perfected and refined to become the actual implementation technical document of the technical specification. The technical agreement will be implemented upon the approval of the buyer and will be taken as an annex to the equipment orders contract.
    2. within the shortest time after the signing of the technical agreement, our factory will submit the standard list of design, manufacture, assembly, installation, commissioning, acceptance, test, operation and maintenance of the contract equipment to the buyer for confirmation.
    3. After the contract is signed, 2-3 personnel engaged in professional design for many years shall be assigned to carry out the construction drawing design of the product. According to the design basic documents provided by the buyer, the primary wiring atlas, arrangement atlas, secondary principle atlas, relevant equipment material inventory and relevant technical data shall be provided, and the buyer shall be ensured to pass the examination and approval as the output document of equipment manufacturing.
    4. Provide all technical data and drawings stipulated in the contract to the buyer in time, and invite the buyer to participate in the design review of the supplier.
    5. Strictly implement the minutes of meetings or agreements signed by the supply and demand sides on relevant issues.
    6. In the technical design, our factory optimizes the design and strives for perfection. Users need to assist users in drawing and technical consultation.
    7. During the manufacturing process, we will fully cooperate in arranging the drawings review, product supervision, inspection and acceptance and other stages of work, so that all the work before the products are shipped can be carried out in an orderly manner.
    8. Product manufacturing, testing, inspection and compliance with relevant standards for materials and products shall be carried out. Routine project inspection, manual operation test, insulation resistance test, electrical action test and protection circuit continuity test shall be carefully carried out. Acceptance test shall be carried out according to the technical specification.
    9. Inspection and Acceptance-Factory Acceptance
    The factory may issue a written factory acceptance application to the buyer after completing all manufacturing, inspection/testing, all data preparation and all non-conformance items before the contract equipment leaves the factory according to the quality assurance procedures. The factory acceptance will be carried out according to the relevant technical requirements prepared by the buyer, and the acceptance guidance document approved by both parties is the factory acceptance outline.
    10. After the contract equipment passes the factory acceptance, the factory shall pack the contract equipment according to the relevant packaging technical requirements and relevant documents in the contract and its accessories and the provisions of relevant national standards. The packaging shall ensure that the contract equipment is kept in good quality during transportation and storage, and shall have moisture-proof, mildew-proof, rain-proof, rust-proof, corrosion-proof, vibration-damping, impact-proof, pollution-proof and other measures.
    11. After the goods arrive at the site, our factory will cooperate with the buyer to organize the unpacking inspection within the shortest time to inspect the quantity, specifications and appearance quality of the goods. If the seller’s personnel fail to arrive at the site on time or give up participating in the unpacking inspection during the inspection, the buyer has the right to conduct the unpacking inspection on its own, and the seller acknowledges the inspection results and records. During on-site unpacking inspection, if any damage, defect, shortage or non-compliance with the quality standards and regulations in the contract is found due to the reasons of our factory (including transportation, packaging and other reasons), our factory shall, after receiving the inspection notice from the buyer
    According to the provisions of this contract, repair or replacement of defective equipment and/or replacement of shortage parts shall be completed as soon as possible, and the manufacturing, repair, transportation and insurance expenses incurred therefrom shall be borne by our factory (including the expenses incurred by the buyer in assisting the seller in repairing damaged/defective equipment); If the damage or shortage is caused by the buyer, our factory shall repair/replace the damaged parts or provide supplementary parts as soon as possible after receiving the buyer’s request for repair/replacement or supply, but the cost shall be borne by the buyer.
    12. During the term of validity of the contract, the factory will provide timely technical guidance and cooperation services related to the installation, commissioning, operation, overhaul, safety and quality review of the contract equipment according to the needs of the buyer. The factory will fully provide documents, technical support, suggestions and on-site supervision services, and shall be responsible for the correctness of the technical guidance and technical documents provided and the quality of on-site services.
    13. During the warranty period, our factory will provide spare parts and special tools free of charge. During this period, our factory will send representatives to the site to provide technical services according to the buyer’s requirements, guide the buyer or the buyer’s contractor in the installation and commissioning of the contract equipment, and be responsible for solving the manufacturing quality problems found during the installation and commissioning of the contract equipment. The technicians sent to the site by our factory should be healthy and competent personnel with practical experience. The buyer has the right to propose to replace the unqualified seller’s site service personnel. The seller should select qualified service personnel again according to the site needs. Our factory will provide the buyer with a list of service personnel, specifying the responsibilities of the service personnel. Service personnel will complete the work including expediting the delivery of equipment, unpacking inspection of goods, handling of equipment quality problems, participating in product installation, free product commissioning, participating in trial run and performance acceptance test, etc. Before installation and commissioning, the service personnel will make technical disclosure, explain and demonstrate the procedures and methods to be carried out with the buyer, and fully handle the technical and commercial problems arising on site. Secondly, in order to ensure the normal installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and repair of the contract equipment, our factory will provide the corresponding installation, maintenance and use instructions, and train the buyer’s equipment operators on site, so that the buyer can know the performance of the product and the maintenance of faults in detail, and ensure that the training content is consistent with the project progress.
    The main training contents are:
    1) Technical parameters and performance of equipment;
    2) System principle of equipment;
    3) Basic characteristics of electrical components;
    4) Main points of equipment operation;
    5) Monitoring and inspection records of equipment;
    Three, after-sales service
    The company has an after-sales service team composed of experienced employees, and is equipped with special vehicles for service users. The company regularly inspects the sold products twice a year, makes records, and establishes corresponding user files, so that the products are in a controlled state during production and use, and always achieve the service of user first and power supply quality first.
    1. When the equipment is transported to the site, our business personnel will arrive at the same time, unpack the equipment together for acceptance and provide technical consulting services on matters needing attention such as handling and storage of the equipment.
    2. Spare parts required for normal operation of the equipment for one year will be provided at random and free of charge. Spare parts required for equipment maintenance in the future will be supplied at preferential prices.
    3. The equipment will be put into normal operation during the installation and debugging phase. After the equipment is installed, it will assist in conducting power-on test, simulating linkage and load test run.
    4. Our company trains operators for users free of charge, imparts knowledge of product operation and simple maintenance, strengthens contact with users, attaches great importance to users’ opinions, formulates a system of user product quality tracking information card, improves user files, and pays a return visit to products to understand the operation situation so as to ensure the long-term safe operation of products.
    5. When the equipment arrives at the installation site, our company will repair or replace the components free of charge due to unqualified components due to product quality problems.
    6. From the date of purchase, all customers enjoy one year of free maintenance service.
    7. Carry out three guarantees within the warranty period: repair, return and replacement.
    8. After-sales service telephone number: 0373-6383588 13781989927 13598626219Three Phase 35KV Oil-Immersed Transformer Made in China