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    MNS2.0 draw out low voltage switchgear is for all power generation,distribution and power use sites such as:

    Main/auxiliary power cabinet,power distribution cabinet
    Motor power supply and motor control center
    Open loop or closed loop control system electronic cabinet
    Power system
    Industrial and mining enterprises
    Public utilities
    Municipal engineering and commercial buildings

    Standards and specifications
    IEC439-1 Low-voltage switchgear and control gear
    GB7251.1-2005 Low-voltage complete set switch device
    ZBK36001 Low-voltage withdrawable switchgear

    In order to satisfy different clients requirements, Deyuan Electric Co., ltd provides from spare parts to assembled drawer to full set switchgear cubicles.
    Model listed as: 8E/4, 8E/2, 8E, 16E, 24E withdrawable modular(E=25mm)China Low Voltage Switchgear Enclosure