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    Environmental paper pallet forming equipment
    Product introduction
    Environmental paper pallet forming equipment mainly composed of molding machines, hydraulic pulper, dryer, air compressors and other machinery oven. Various kinds of industrial packaging (paper pallet) could be formed on it. Since the whole production process is cyclical waste recycling, no pollution emissions, so called Green Machine.
    Product feature and application
    1,Mainly producing the pulp molded products,such as pallet, Cardboard,Kraft paper, wheel hub.
    2,Material for the molded pulp products is waste paper,corrugated paper, waste newspaper, and magazine.
    3,Fully-automatic control, PLC+Touch screen controller.
    4,Stainless steel pulp tank, the surface of platens covered with stainless steel.
    5,Transferred to a conveyor automatically.
    Production consumption
    Material:0.24 tons per hour
    Natural gas:102m鲁/hr
    0# Diesel Oil:25-50kg/hr
    You could chose one from the three
    Labour:3 people(work in three shifts,8 hours per day)
    Product qualification
    ISO9001., Utility models patents.
    Deliver,shipping and serving
    Protective outside packing.
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