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Like it or not, we are each unique.

“Like it or not? Individuality is great!!!”

Yes, yes, there is much to celebrate in our individuality. The point is, celebrated or not, it’s there — and double edged. We need each unique perspective and so often it our uniqueness that leads to disconnection and misunderstandings. Blotting out or fabricating individuality, to our minds, isn’t the best use of time.

I often think of this quote from Einstein:

Irony and all, I’ve frequently seen emphasis on “individuality” as a way fitting in:

We won’t talk about hipsters not being hipsters to be hipsters because a hipster called a hipster apparently isn’t a hipster. I’m not sure I’m supposed to say “hipster” because there’s no such thing!?!?!


Here’s where I/we are:

Be as individual as you are, be as together as you are — and remember wherever you are just changed.

Chip Nowacek


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