Feeling the Needs

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About 4 million people are watching Katie right now. Funny that neither she nor they are consciously aware of the attention.

Many, many needs of the Peer Network have been deferred, most for very good reasons. However, unmet needs don’t really care if the reasons are good or not. They remain unmet.

And things are changing. We are witnesses of the turning to these needs. It is coming down on Katie harder than anyone else at the moment. She’s feeling it. The formation of The International Spina Bifida Institute is no small matter in millions of lives. We are all feeling it. How? We are all parts of networks — and the networks are a part of us.

We hope you will join us in seeking to understand and address the needs of the Peer Network and those of the Caregiver and Professional Networks. Many hands makes light(er) work.

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